Blacklight Games

Original creation of Maryline Garbe

Maryline Garbe

Giant games, black light Laser Game and Mini Golf creator

Maryline Garbe is an Belgian artist with an international reputation. She had created Maryline Garbe SPRL in 2007 and since, is in constant evolution.

Maryline follows the market demand and adapts her products to the today’s needs. Specialized in the giant sculptures, big sized objects and painting, Maryline Garbe has also developped the entertainment games creation and especially black light games as the Laser Game and the fluorescent Mini Golf.

The Belgian company is now able to provide black light games indoor, entirely in the dark, glowed by the black light and fluorescents 3D decors.

The particullarity of Maryline Garbe SPRL is that the games are fully created by the artist, following the needs and the minding of the client. Maryline create real entire universes, personnalized and unique. She includes giants sculptures, fluorescent painting, 3D decors and complex structures to render your playground dynamic, immersive and fun.

The black light Laser Game is a trendy game, with an huge expansion. The public is waiting for the next generation of laser gaming and that’s what Maryline provides with a full concept : the artistic touch for the quality of immersion and the full knowledge of the process to provide you a package out-of-the-box.

The Laser Game is an indoor game with almost not restrictions, asking less preparation and is good in every country and climat.The course may take educational aspect more accommodating to younger and this is one of the main assets of the company; create custom universe adapted to different audiences (see achievements )
The Mini golf Black Lightmeanwhile is a family game that takes you on an imaginary fantasy world as you follow along the route. On courses of 9 or 18 holes, you walk through a fluorescent universe, full of colors, while giving a new dimension to the mini golf as we all know.