Black Light custom made

Build together your custom made Black light game

Complete creation of your Black light game

What matters is to realize your project quickly and effectively, opt for a complete package from design to first players.

Création à la carte

Si vous souhaitez vous occuper de certaines parties de la conception du projet vous même, vous pouvez choisir les points sur lesquels nous vous accompagnerons.

Design your universe

Maryline Garbe is an artist putting her imagination at your service. Stand out by creating a unique universe that you own.

Highlighters creating paintings and murals

Depending on your budget, opt for tubal eye and some details or even magnificent giant murals.

Giants sculptures and 3D decors

For total immersion, we create tailor your 3D sets, giant sculptures and bas reliefs.

High quality equipment

To equipment Mini Golf for the Laser Game, we work with the best manufacturers in the field of Black Light.


We are at your service to help you and provide you with a quality support after sale.Nous sommes à votre service pour vous aider et vous fournir un support après vente de qualité.

High return on investment

Available from € 55,000 for an All in one package, the Black Light games have a high and quick return on investment.