Black Light Games


Custom made activities and Black light leisures

Mini Golf

The Mini golf game is a popular leisure, knowned wolrdwide since years. It is part of outdoor games every family has already tested on vacation or excursion.

And if given another dimension to the game of Mini Golf? This is what we offer with the Mini Golf Black light created to measure. The principle remains the same, you browse from 9 to 18 holes by putting your dexterity to the test in increasingly crazy obstacles. Version Fluo / Black light, the game takes on a new dimension and immerses you in colorful and fun universe populated by robots or funny creatures. Total immersion in a family game that will dazzle your eyes.

The Black light variant is played exclusively indoors and allows your public to enjoy throughout the year.



Laser Game is one of the most popular activities of teenagers and young adults, mainly to the fast pace and the sensations it provides.

This game also exists for many years but the existing land is rarely a high degree of quality of the game. We create lots of steps you creating majestic scenery and sculptures worthy of Disneyland. The gaming immersion is total and therefore experience the game is lived to 200% by the participants. Popular with the younger audience, it is also perfect for going out with friends and events in Team Building. The Laser Game clashes are a must for all those who want to mix fun and adrenalin sports.



We create from scratch each game and activity that you want to use. From the first sketches when developing the finalization with the hardware to play, we are present at every stage.

As we produce all the items ourselves, we have no limit in creating your black light field. Want to land on the theme of Star Wars? One of the steps you created, giant frescos, Darth Vader sculptures. Everything is possible !

To help you in developing your project or to make you want to invest in this type of leisure Black light, we are at your disposal to help you discover our achievements.