Create your own Black Light leisure

Searching for an innovative project?

Fluorescents / Black Light games are a unique solution offering a nice return on investment

How to start creating your Black Light project?

First, we make sure you determine the theme you want to change the atmosphere and universe of your attraction. Our services are available custom made, so we can work on a complete creation of your project or just create the sculptures and paintings and leave it to you to install your infrastructure.

During the creation phase, we draw your hand drafts and let free rein to creativity. The drawings and sculptures are well adapted and Custom.
You can also choose the popular themes, underwater universe, space, pirates, the adventures of the jungle, themes about fairies and goblins …

A large catalog of giant sculptures and wall murals brings you an extraordinary atmosphere and a high level of finish for better immersion of your visitors in the game. The game takes all its dimension and the magic happens.

Once your project becomes more concrete in terms of theme, we define together how to make the most of your profits exploitable surface. We must therefore define the optimum number of sets and sculptures and the implementation of the maze. All this fits along the surface and the budget that is to be investir.Le number of sculptures and decorations, as well as the implementation of your maze, which adapts to the size and budget of location.

Each Black Light entertainment is maturely reflected, hand drawn then finally re designed in 3D.


Black light game construction steps

  1. The first step is to develop the game according to your available space, whether for black light mini golf or laser game.
  2. Second, we must determine the plan to develop an interesting maze or land for players, with spaces for hiding and deadly, partitions, ... in the case of laser game
  3. SPRL Maryline Garbe created entirely your universe, from the idea to the design of paintings and sculptures. Often acclaimed topics are also available. (Star Wars, futuristic robots, dinosaurs ...)
  4. Then placed the sculptures and wall decorations at the choice and theme. To ensure a total immersion in the game and a real ambience, we offer the latest in décor. The sensations are more intense in an environment where the decor has been designed and optimized.
  5. We supply Black Light lights, the equipment needed to play as weapons of Laser Game, smoke cannons, sound, the signs of the course and all the accessories your game would have the need. Our desire is to offer a premium service and inclusive with creations from A to Z but also to the card if you wish.
  6. Thanks to our partners, you gain strong technical support and a communication and marketing team available upon request
  7. Opening your new leisure center Black Light

Maryline Garbe SPRL advantages

  1. Custom made creation of your Black light game
  2. Basic package really attractive, ready to play
  3. No franchise, no extra fee or support contract
  4. Complete follwing, from the concept to the first game
  5. Innovative and performant equipment
  6. Total autonomy : Manufacturing, creating, painting, everything is created by our company then we are limitless
  7. Increased responsiveness